This year has been extremely busy for us, thanks to our users we’ve learnt more about their needs and preferences. We’ve spent long hours analyzing how we can bring our device to perfection. We’ve improved the functionality of the machine and its intuitive operation, which… read more »
We are offering you an entirely new service, which is purchasing PostCard Kiosk by cities. Check map of your city and find our machine. It’s an attraction which can be placed in the most interesting and prettiest spots of the city and which was created… read more »
A romantic souvenir from any place PostCard Kiosk is a completely new proposition of an attraction, which can be used anywhere you want. Our coin machine is an idea for special and romantic memories of moments spent in an attractive nook. How does PostCard Kiosk… read more »
PostCard Kiosk at the airport An airport is a place of greeting and farewell. It is where a fantastic journey begins and where our dreams become real. Regardless of the reason why you’ve appeared at the airport, it’s always an emotional time. These are the… read more »
PostCard Kiosk, which is a vending machine used to create souvenir postcards from hotel, is a perfect proposition for owners of hotels or other facilities, where a lot of people appear. The idea of taking a souvenir photo from a trip will attract plenty of… read more »
A glance at beautiful places Places with beautiful views should undoubtedly be well-remembered. And so should happen with our special moments. You can make a mental note of it, but our memory tends to be elusive, and does not reflect the charm of a place.… read more »