PostCard Kiosk at the airport

PostCard Kiosk at the airport

An airport is a place of greeting and farewell. It is where a fantastic journey begins and where our dreams become real. Regardless of the reason why you’ve appeared at the airport, it’s always an emotional time. These are the moments which should be marked. And that’s the function of our PostCard Kiosk.

Why is PostCard Kiosk such an innovative idea?

PostCard Kiosk is a small device, which lets you take a photo with some real attraction as a background. You can place it almost everywhere to get the best shots. For example, it can be an airport terminal, a departure lounge, or a city welcome sign. Due to such an exceptional background, the photo gets a sentimental touch. It’s an extraordinary souvenir, which can’t be found everywhere. PostCard Kiosk is an entirely new thing on the market in Poland, however, it’s a solution which has already successfully been used in other countries. Moreover, keen travelers, who want to expand their photo collection, are looking forward to this kind of machine to be present at Polish airports.

However, the possibilities PostCard Kiosk offers are broader than that. Once the photo is ready, it can be printed, in the form of a postcard, and sent. There are a few options available. First of all, it can be used as a traditional postcard. The photo with the airport at the background, together with short greetings, will be sent to an addressee by a traditional postal service. It will be a perfect souvenir to put into a photo album or to display on a fridge. You can also send your postcard via electronic post on a given e-mail address. There is also an option to share the photo on social networking sites ( such as Facebook or Instagram), or you can download it to your mobile phone. This way, the best memories from your trip will always be close to you.

An extra attraction at the airport

PostCard Kiosk at the airport is a wonderful opportunity to introduce an additional attraction. After all, it’s a place clearly associated with travelling. There is a number of people who enjoy collecting memories from such facilities. A photographic postcard will be for them something, which for others is for example a decorative magnet. An airport is also a space where plenty of foreigners gather. They are often familiar with the concept of PostCard Kiosk and will eagerly use it as it’s an additional attraction, which provides them with an interesting souvenir from Poland.

We look forward to cooperating with airport operators and others. We will present you our offer of renting or purchasing our postcard coin machines, which will perfectly meet the needs of passengers and the airport service.