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Postcard Kiosk

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PostCard Kiosk

The best memories from your journeys relate to the places you visit and the people you spend your time with. PostCard Kiosk offers plenty of possibilities to share the memories from your trip with other people.
For only a small charge, the guests and tourists get a photographic souvenir, which perfectly connects with the place they have just visited. What’s more, they are its main heroes as the picture taken by PostCard Kiosk is automatically inserted into your own personal postcard.

Creat special postcard with birthday wishes!

Our device gives you access to high quality photos and durable thermo sublimation print. PostCard Kiosk is used to create photos, which are then inserted into a postcard pattern. The suggested postcard projects are adjusted to the location of the device. Once a postcard is ready, it can be printed or sent by email with an extra greeting. What’s more, you can share the photo on social networking sites or download it to your mobile phone. It offers you various ways of sharing your travel memories with other people.
It’s up to you how you will use the opportunities that PostCard Kiosk gives you.


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Post Card 5PLN

Send Post Card 10PLN

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New Functionalities of Postcard Kiosk

This year has been extremely busy for us, thanks to our users we’ve learnt more about their needs and preferences. We’ve spent long hours analyzing how we can bring our device to perfection. We’ve improved the functionality of the machine and its intuitive operation, which… read more »

PostCard Kiosk in your city

We are offering you an entirely new service, which is purchasing PostCard Kiosk by cities. Check map of your city and find our machine. It’s an attraction which can be placed in the most interesting and prettiest spots of the city and which was created… read more »

Romantic souvenir from any place

A romantic souvenir from any place PostCard Kiosk is a completely new proposition of an attraction, which can be used anywhere you want. Our coin machine is an idea for special and romantic memories of moments spent in an attractive nook. How does PostCard Kiosk… read more »
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