Romantic souvenir from any place

A romantic souvenir from any place

PostCard Kiosk is a completely new proposition of an attraction, which can be used anywhere you want. Our coin machine is an idea for special and romantic memories of moments spent in an attractive nook.

How does PostCard Kiosk work?

The idea behind PostCard Kiosk is simple – it’s a small, standing box that measures 170x50x50 centimeters. Once it’s installed, it’s ready to use. Just insert the appropriate coin to have the possibility of taking a photo with an exceptionally attractive background. The background can be varied: ruins of a castle, the main square in a city, or its most distinctive building. Thanks to our idea a single person or a group of people will get an interesting souvenir. What’s more, it will be a souvenir that expressly connotes with a particular place.

PostCard Kiosk, however, is not only a photo. It’s also an idea for a ready-made and personalized postcard. Once you take a picture, you can send it to any addressee. For this purpose you can add a short greeting, write the address, and a beautiful postcard will go to the loved one. If you are keen on more contemporary, electronic solutions, you can choose an option to send a postcard by an electronic post. You can also share a photo from PostCard Kiosk in various social networking sites or download it to your mobile phone so that you can enjoy your souvenir whenever you want to.

A photo straight from your heart

We offer you a romantic design of a postcard by adding to it a frame in the shape of a heart. It’s an idea for an exceptional photo of a couple in love. It’s a great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, engagement, or just to immortalize a fine date. Travelling around Poland may bring very positive associations. A photo from PostCard Kiosk may also become an original love letter, sent to the one you love. Can you think of anything more pleasurable than receiving a pretty, smiling photo in the form of a postcard with greetings from the closest ones?

PostCard Kiosk are an idea for an extra promotion of different places. Satisfied tourists will remember their special moments with pleasure and they will want to take a snap together. This way, our machine will become an element that features a particular place or city.

It will have positive connotations and will become another attraction, which suits the demands of contemporary tourists. Romantic PostCard Kiosk may become an important element of city life. After all, taking a photo of good quality and light, in comfortable conditions, without the need of asking passers-by for help, and ready to print at once, is undoubtedly an attraction.