New Functionalities of Postcard Kiosk

Nowe funkcjonalności pocztówkomató / New Functionalities of Postcard Kiosk

This year has been extremely busy for us, thanks to our users we’ve learnt more about their needs and preferences. We’ve spent long hours analyzing how we can bring our device to perfection. We’ve improved the functionality of the machine and its intuitive operation, which makes Postcard Machine extremely easy to use.
Moreover, Postcard Machine has also got a new look.

PostCard Kiosk has been designed in such a way that now it is easily accessible for the disabled too. The location of components and the device program have been rearranged so that everybody will find using the device extremely easy.

One of the elements of personalization is the choice of postcard patterns. We wanted to offer our users the possibility of adjusting the postcard to their needs as much as possible. Currently, our PostCard Machines offer four standard postcard patterns. They are created in such a way that they perfectly reflect the character of the place or region. Additionally, the devices are supported with patterns created specifically for the upcoming Christmas. If there is such a need, we will also prepare the patterns for other holidays too.

We have prepared special offers for those users who need more copies of their postcard or for those who simply want to have different versions of it. You can choose either a quantitative or a time package. If you choose the former one, you get one postcard for free when you buy ten of them. If you choose the latter option, you can freely use the device for sixteen minutes! It is up to you how many photos you will manage to take, but keep in mind that our printers need only fifteen seconds to print one copy!

What’s more, now you can also pay for the service not only with coins, but with banknotes too. We’ve introduced this option because we’ve noticed that most of the users prefer this payment method. Moreover, our devices are also better prepared for the all-year outdoor use. Now, they are equipped with  heating and cooling systems so that they can successfully be used in various weather conditions. A new case with a monolithic structure has a thermal insulation, which protects the machine against harsh weather conditions. All of the components have been tested in various kinds of weather, which makes our PostCard Machines maximally failure-free. Now you can enjoy our wonderful postcards all year round.