PostCard Kiosk in your city

Your city

We are offering you an entirely new service, which is purchasing PostCard Kiosk by cities. Check map of your city and find our machine. It’s an attraction which can be placed in the most interesting and prettiest spots of the city and which was created to take photos by tourists.

Why is PostCard Kiosk a good idea for your city?

How exactly does PostCard Kiosk work? It’s a small box that measures 170x50x50 centimeters. It can be installed almost everywhere. The kiosk is used to take photos, without the need of help from other people, which is known as selfie. Once you insert the appropriate coin and set all the options with the use of a comfortable, large menu on the screen, the kiosk will take a photo of a single person or a small group of people. What distinguishes our kiosk is excellent quality and good parameters of taken photos. As a result, regardless of the weather, season of the year, or time of the day, the photo is always well-lit. Moreover, the colors are vivid and vibrant. The kiosk features a solid construction, which is resistant to damage.

However, what really makes PostCard Kiosk exceptional is the background of the taken photos. The kiosk can be placed in any place and with any background. In case of a city and its promotion it can be the most characteristic building, a historical market square, a castle, or a park. It can be whatever the city authorities and inhabitants are really proud of, and what tourists often take photos of.

A photographic souvenir

The charm of PostCard Kiosk lies in its versatility as it’s not only a photo kiosk, which can already be found at train stations or in shopping centers. In addition to taking a high quality photo, it also transforms it into a personalized postcard. Moreover, you can choose an option which will let you send the postcard to your friends or family in a traditional or electronic way. You can also share it through various, popular social networking sites, or download it to your mobile phone so that you can go back to your memories whenever you want to.

In what way does PostCard Kiosk change your city? Of course, it’s an additional attraction, which can be used by young people, by middle-aged ones, or even by the seniors, if they are only encouraged to do it. PostCard Kiosk will promote a city or some of its attractions, which will look more modern and adapted to the technological development of the contemporary world. Besides, our photo kiosk is very comfortable. You don’t need to carry a heavy camera and you don’t need to ask passers-by for help when you want to have a photo taken. Smartphones, on the other hand, can go dead or the quality of the photos is poor. In only a few seconds PostCard Kiosk lets you get a clear and pretty photo in the form of a timeless souvenir.