A glance at beautiful places

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A glance at beautiful places

Places with beautiful views should undoubtedly be well-remembered. And so should happen with our special moments. You can make a mental note of it, but our memory tends to be elusive, and does not reflect the charm of a place. And, of course, you can’t share it. These are the situations when PostCard Kiosk becomes irreplaceable.

The functioning of PostCard Kiosk is very simple. It’s a small box designed to take photos. You simply drop a coin into the box, set the details in a user-friendly menu, and the kiosk takes a photo. The background of the picture is the most important element of the photo as it can be any monument. Therefore, you don’t need to carry a heavy camera or even a mobile phone, not mentioning the fact that you don’t need to ask passers-by for taking a photo for you, and adapt the settings or mode. With the use of a simple device, you just need a moment to get a photo with a local monument in the background. It’s a visible proof of presence.

PostCard Kiosk

However, what distinguishes PostCard Kiosk from ordinary machines is that it immediately lets you send the photo by electronic post. You just give an e-mail address, write short greetings, and your digital postcard goes into the world. You can also immediately share it on your profiles on social networking sites. There is also an option of downloading it to your mobile phone. On the other hand, if you are keen on traditional letters, you will be happy to know that there is also a possibility of sending a postcard to an addressee via traditional post. No more buying impersonal postcards of questionable beauty. PostCard Kiosk is a personalized postcard for a particular addressee. Printed on high quality paper, it will be a fantastic surprise. It can be attached to a fridge or put into a family photo album.

We offer our service to city authorities and people who administer local attractions. PostCard Kiosk, which can be either purchased or rented, meets the needs of every city. It’s a chance for city promotion and for presenting beautiful places from a different and more modern perspective. Nowadays, almost everyone uses the Internet so why not to offer tourists and guests an additional attraction? Our photo machines feature high quality, they look good, and they are resistant to damage or changing weather conditions. Moreover, they are also very easy to operate and everyone will handle it including an elderly person or a foreigner.
This solution is an entirely new thing in Poland, but it has already worked really well abroad. It gives the possibility of taking a photo with characteristic buildings in the background, without the need of using a camera or smartphone.