PostCard Kiosk for hotel owners

Pocztówkomat dla hoteli - PostCard Kiosk for hotel

PostCard Kiosk, which is a vending machine used to create souvenir postcards from hotel, is a perfect proposition for owners of hotels or other facilities, where a lot of people appear. The idea of taking a souvenir photo from a trip will attract plenty of photography fans who until now didn’t have a lot of possibilities to take a group photo without the need of possessing a camera.

PostCard Kiosk– an ideal element of a hotel

PostCard Kiosk is a discrete, small box with ordinary appearance that ideally blends into a hotel design, for example, into a hotel hall. Once it’s installed, it’s ready to use. It’s activated by inserting the appropriate coin, which allows you to take a photo. You set all the details with the help of an easy and user-friendly menu, which every guest will quickly handle. Regardless of the surrounding, you will get a clear, well-lit photo. Our vending machine is made of high quality material, which is resistant to damage and will efficiently work for years.

The most important part of the photo, however, is the background as it may become an advertisement of the hotel. PostCard Kiosk can be set in such a way that the logo of the hotel is seen behind the back of people in the photo. It can also be some characteristic element of the building or the space, which shows something the owners are proud of.

A postcard in a personalized form.

When the photo is taken, it can become a postcard at once. This is exactly what distinguishes our PostCard Kiosk from traditional machines. The picture can be printed. It can also be sent with attached greetings to a given address by a traditional postal service. Electronic postcard, on the other hand, will let you greet somebody by e-mail, or by social networking sites. You can also download a ready postcard to your mobile phone. No matter how PostCard Kiosk will be used, it will always be an attractive surprise for the visitors of the hotel. A postcard with a photo is an excellent opportunity to boast about our trip. At the same it will be an additional advertisement for the hotel, for example when an electronic postcard will be shared on the social networking sites.

We offer the purchase of our PostCard Kiosk not only for the hotels, but also for the restaurants, aquaparks, sports facilities, shopping centers, and any other places, where a lot of people, who have some time and want to get a souvenir, appear. Everybody will handle the use of our vending machine as it’s extremely simple. Last but not least, everybody will get a chance for an attractive souvenir.